In the twisted “logic” of the progressive nonprofits, spending more on the poor if the Trump Administration reduces government anti-poverty funding might validate the Administration’s efforts.

Really, Libs have no shame.

Via NY Post.

….While college students have fled to safe spaces, Hillary Clinton supporters have dyed their hair and dumped their boyfriends and celebrities are plotting their moves to Canada, the leaders of nonprofits and foundations are readying themselves for battle.

Literally. Emmett Carson, president of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, compared the Trump administration transition period to the Revolutionary War….

According to the Chronicle, “Some foundation leaders have taken immediate measures, such as freezing discretionary grant-making budgets so they can hold money in reserve in case grantees need to shift their tactics.” In case you haven’t noticed, this is an emergency, folks….

If a Trump administration does in fact usher in cuts in federal funds for social services — though it’s not clear that it will — one might think that the nation’s philanthropic leaders would take that as a cue to spend more to make up for the gaps they think will occur.

But that doesn’t appear to be the plan. At the annual meeting of Independent Sector, one of the largest gatherings of nonprofit leaders in the country, the panelists just wanted to turn charities into lobbying firms. “Foundations could and should be more aggressive on the advocacy front on the issues they really care about,” Ellen Alberding, president of the Joyce Foundation, told an applauding audience.

…the folks who run philanthropy are so angry about the results of the election they don’t know what to do with themselves. Caleb Gayle, a former program officer at the George Kaiser Family Foundation, wrote an op-ed last week for the Chronicle arguing that the philanthropic sector shouldn’t spend more to make up for gaps in government funding.

“It should instead exercise strategic restraint,” he wrote.

Gayle is unabashed about his plan to put partisanship above helping people. “To many foundations, it might seem cruel to resist calls to spend more . . . But if grant makers start to far exceed the 5 percent annual minimum, they will validate the conservative desire to strip money from government antipoverty measures.”….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    So if gov’t funding to Planned Parenthood is ended, it will shut down?
    Briar Patch, Briar Patch. Toss me in.

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