i will survive psa

Yes, Hollywood buttercups, you will all survive.

And the country will thrive.

But please, keep putting out these idiotic videos that turn off Americans by the droves.

You will ensure that Dems will lose again in 2018.

Via Washington Examiner.

Hollywood celebrities have come together to produce yet another anti-Trump video.

This is the third PSA of its kind since Nov. 8, when Hillary Clinton managed somehow to lose the election, meaning we’re averaging one new star-studded anti-Trump message every 20 days.

Lucky us.

The latest from Hollywood’s politically involved features a gaggle of celebrities, including Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Amy Adams and Chris Pine, singing Gloria Gaynor’s 1979 hit, “I Will Survive.” The PSA is, of course, set against a drab and lifeless backdrop, because that seems to be the modus operandi with these weird anti-Trump messages….

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  1. Minnie says:

    Just goes to show. These people have stupidity for talent . Pop Rocks for brains unless they have someone leading them around by the nose !

  2. Maynard says:

    It’s a Fox Butterfield moment. They will survive because of Trump, not in spite of him.

  3. Maynard says:

    I found this random editorial post interesting: “Why Hollywood is really freaking out over Trump”.

    Why is Hollywood (in particular) freaking out so badly over Trump?

    First, because he’s a Republican who might actually do the things he said he wanted to do. But second, because this is the first cultural victory the right has scored since Reagan stumbled into one in the ’80s.

    The left is used to losing political battles. They scream and cry over these but they don’t truly panic, because they know that as long as they maintain their hammerlock on the culture, Republicans can’t really change anything.

    Blue Team Progressivism is a church, offering you moral superiority and a path to spiritual enlightenment. As a church it’s got a lot going for it. It runs religious programming on television, all day every day. Every modern primetime program is like a left-wing Andy Griffith show, reinforcing lessons of inclusion, tolerance, feminism, and anti-racism.

    Watching a 90-pound Sci-Fi heroine beat up a room full of giant evil men is as satisfying to the left as John Wayne westerns were for the right.

    The Blue Church controls the HR department, so even if you don’t go to church, you have to act like a loyal churchgoer in every way that matters while you’re on the clock. And off the clock, on any kind of public social media platform.

    Jon Stewart and John Oliver are basically TV preachers. Watching them gives the same sense of quiet superiority your grandma gets from watching The 700 Club. The messages are constantly reinforced, providing that lovely dopamine hit, like an angel’s voice whispering, “You’re right, you’re better, you’re winning.”

    Hollywood award shows are like church talent shows – the skits and jokes aren’t really funny, but it’s fun to look at the pretty girls, and you’re all on the same team.

    Red Conservativism is a business, selling a set of political products. They don’t make you feel good, they don’t appeal to your morality or your spiritual sense of self, but sometimes you really NEED one of their core products like security, jobs, or national defense. Their appeals to “freedom” and “family values” ring hollow these days, but when people are flying planes into buildings, you need a strong member of Conservatism, Inc. in the big chair.

    And when it came down to the things that really mattered – welfare, Medicare, Social Security, and foreign policy, you knew Red Team couldn’t really do anything Blue Team didn’t approve of, or the Blue faithful would kick them out of office next time.

    But Donald Trump didn’t sign that contract….

    Indeed. Progressivism is a religion and any American that doesn’t sign up is an apostate. But there is one key difference between progressivism and religion, and it’s this: Most religious Christians and Jews understand that their belief system rests in part upon faith, and they understand that faith cannot be imposed from without. Progressives insist that theirs is not a faith-based ideology, but founded entirely upon inarguable reason and compassion; thus the rest of us apostates are not merely flawed but evil, because we deny what is incontrovertible. It’s like in the bad old days when Christians felt justified in persecuting Jews, because Jews denied the undeniable divinity of Jesus.

  4. Gregger171 says:

    I nominate these people and Meryl Streep to serve as DNC outreach managers to the flyover country working class. Keep it up, please!

  5. WalkStar says:

    Progressivism is also a mental illness. That explains a lot! And I mean no disrespect to mental illness.

  6. rosebud2186 says:

    I am feeling pretty good at the fact that I don’t know who these Buttercups are!

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