One would think that getting $600,000 From NBC for doing nothing, er, for interviewing the Geico Gecko would qualify as a “break.”

And ditto for the $250,000 she just received from Expedia, to sit on their Board of Directors.

Via Free Beacon.

Chelsea Clinton’s chief of staff complained on Thursday that her boss just can’t catch a break.

Bari Lurie is Clinton’s chief of staff at the Clinton Foundation, where the former first daughter is vice chair. Lurie took to Twitter on Thursday to lament that Clinton, like her mother, failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, “never gets a break.”

The article’s author, Ann Friedman, defends Clinton from her critics, arguing that she and her mother receive more flack than President Donald Trump and his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump….

Well, maybe Chelsea would receive less criticism if she would stop tweeting idiocies like this one:

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  1. Minnie says:

    Chelsea has a Chief of Staff ? Is that the new title for a Secretary in Clinton world ? Guessing she’s best paid Secretary aka Chief of staff in the country !

  2. Maynard says:

    To be the child of a high-profile player presents a substantial challenge in life. Of course, we all have our challenges, but the high-profile situation strikes me as especially onerous. Chelsea Clinton doesn’t have the option of an ordinary career or a normal life; she’s doomed to scrutiny and attention. Some people love that sort of thing, but I think they’re crazy. I enjoy the freedom to walk down the street to pick up some fast food if the mood strikes me. I feel sorry for those that have lost that freedom because they were born in the wrong place, and having a juicy title and a fat salary don’t compensate.

  3. bucks4now says:

    What does a chief of Staff do for someone that doesn’t do anything. How does one organize that?

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