Tammy joins host of Fox News’ ‘Bias Bash’ Lauren Green and Judith Miller to discuss the Washington debate over healthcare.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Good trio. Like seeing Tammy with Judy Miller.

  2. pamelarice says:

    I lay most of the blame of this debacle on Paul Ryan – he has his own agenda and it is not supportive of President Trump. Ryan has never been a supporter of this President and was quite vocal about his opposition and distain. I believe he laid a “trap” for the President with no way out knowing the different factions of his party. Either way Ryan gets his way: a) He gets *his* “Better Way” bill passed in to law or b) The President is left with egg on his face. I know that we conservatives blame Ryan but the general public just sees a weakened President for now. The media will make certain of that.
    Meanwhile, the President is pushing and marching forward.
    The rest of the blame I lay at the feet of President Trump’s administration. Trump needs to “fire” all of those Karl Rove guys in his communications team. I saw no real educating of the public on what this bill meant, how and why it should be done this way. Instead we got passionate conservatives making good points, but could it work? On the other side we had professor Ryan with his white board lecturing us on how it was his way or no way. The public, with only 17% support for this bill, was confused and did not know what to think or who to believe! Or even whom to trust.
    Paul Ryan must go.

  3. sandyl says:

    Agree Pamela, but today Trump is blaming Freedom caucus. I applaud them! Trump would do well to remember that conservatives helped him win, not just the dimms. I want what was promised: REPEAL!! Don’t care about replace, especially not with this crap Obamacare lite bill. All the pre-existing conditions people could have wonderful plans if we hadn’t wasted so much money on POS OC. Let the free market help the rest of us. Free market principles the GOP keep talking about but didn’t see fit to put any of those things in this disastrous bill!

    • pamelarice says:

      Yes, I felt very demoralized, depressed and angry that Trump is blaming the Freedom Caucus. There were also many moderate republicans that were not going to vote for this bill, and every single democrat. Ryan kept assuring the President that he had the votes when all along he knew he did not. An embarrassment all around.

  4. Minnie says:

    TY for posting ! Can we get this on Twitter so we can spread to the tweeters ?
    Kudos to Tammy for excellent commentary with positive remarks & constructive suggestions.
    Not a fan of J.Miller as she did nothing but spread vitriol towards Mr. Trump during campaign & she is epitome of elitist status quo . In this interview implies Pres. Trump is so beneath her & pearl clutching .

  5. Tim Peck says:

    Why Paul Ryan is a weenie

  6. Alain41 says:

    Washington Times Op-Ed by the President of Freedom Works on the AHCA failure.

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