In a recent Variety interview, Chelsea shared a boring, er, heartwarming story about how her mom would not allow her to have sugar cereals, and how Hillary poured cheese on broccoli until Chelsea learned to love eating broccoli.

So, will there be an award next week, for Chelsea eating broccoli?

Stay tuned.

Via Daily Wire.

….On Tuesday, Clinton, 37, was honored with the City Harvest Award for Commitment for her work with the Clinton Foundation’s Day of Action program….

In early 2017, Clinton and staff from the Clinton Foundation spent a day packing 25,000 pounds of grapefruit for needy New York residents….

Earlier this month, Variety partnered with Lifetime to give Clinton an “Impact Honoree” award. Variety stated Clinton was being honored “for her work with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which empowers kids to develop lifelong healthy habits.”

Clinton told Variety, “My parents did a frustratingly good job, particularly my mom, of ensuring I liked healthy food, because those were really the only foods they let me eat. I wasn’t allowed to have sugar cereal. We only had dessert on the weekends or special occasions. I also loved cheese, so the healthy foods I wasn’t maybe so thrilled about, my mother just melted cheese on top of broccoli until I learned to love broccoli.”

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  1. Los2000 says:

    More myth-o-mania no doubt. Like mother, like daughter. This has got to stop.

  2. Maynard says:

    Only Commies eat broccoli.

  3. Dr. H says:

    All that yoga and healthy eating must be why Hillary looks so healthy. And as far as Chelsea’s grapefruit packing capabilities, they’re gosh darn presidential.

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