It’s “unconstitutional” to object to a painting that demeans police officers, but it’s perfectly okay to disobey Federal law with regard to illegals?

Got it.

Via Grabien.

Rep. Clay: “For those of you who may not know, many other members of Congress conduct this Congress in their district as well. In fact, this painting was one of more than 400 student entries from across the nation that were reviewed, accepted and approved last June for public display in the cannon tunnel by the architect of the Capitol. Members of Congress do not select the artists. We do not approve or disapprove of any of the artistic concepts, and we have no role in judging the competition. We simply provide a public forum for the most talented young artists in our districts to display their winning artwork in the U.S. Capitol complex. Yet, without cause or reasonable process and after being viewed repeatedly by members of Congress, congressional staffers and thousands of visitors, without incident or concern, my constituent’s winning entry was removed in an act of politically motivated, unconstitutional retroactive censorship….

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  1. Americanvln1 says:

    This painting belongs in someone’s home not in a public place. It is the opinion of the artist. And, here again, rebelling against order in our country is not shared by everyone in America. Not all of our policemen are abusive toward people. Overgeneralizing the specific acts of a few to all policemen is unfair, and demoralizing to the men in blue. Their job is difficult and dangerous. Encouraging disrespect of our nations ideals of law, order and safety through art will only breed disorder, chaos, disrespect and violence toward these men in uniform. Policemen barely manage, on their average paying salary, to provide for themselves and their families. We live in the year 2017, not 1960. Stop the grudge holding. Forgive and enjoy your God given freedoms. Also, taking down statues of men in history does not change anything. Altering flags does not change the people who created the flags, nor does it change the history of our country. We have to embrace our past, learn from the mistakes of our forefathers, and refine our ideals. It is time to release our hurt and bitterness. Positive change is a must but, re-visiting old wounds will only serve to expose more anger and pain. Re-visit if you must but, healing is the only solution to the unfairness of the past. Healing, not retaliation or retribution.

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