Why would anyone want to hire a college graduate who was unable to cope with the stress of an overdue library book?

Great job, Harvard, further coddling your precious snowflakes.

Via Fox News.

This week, Harvard University announced that its libraries will be doing away with their traditional 50 cent-per-day late fee on overdue books.

Some might assume Harvard is terminating the fees because the school simply no longer needs the money. After all, the “private” university does receive billions in tax breaks every year.

No, finances had nothing to do with this policy change, which was first noticed by the vigilant folks over at The Harvard Crimson. The sole reason that this (once?) prestigious university is waiving the charge for overdue books is because this practice is just too stressful for students….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Bet Harvard hasn’t waived parking fines. Those fines are much higher. If 50 cents/day is too stressful, what about a $25 parking fine? Every college has parking issues and Cambridge Mass more so.

  2. This generation is completely unprepared for the rigors of the real world.

  3. Vintageport says:

    I can hear the clock ticking down to the day that businesses and large corporations will be looking to hire only candidates without college degrees, especially from the Ivy League schools.

  4. Minnie says:

    Brilliant enough to attend Harvard but too stupid to get your books back on time ? If I were an employer and had an application from Harvard Grad . I’d bring them in for an interview. Do the interview & then tell them . ” Nice interview & you have a impressive resume but here’s the deal. I’d strongly advise you to go get a job working in construction, housekeeping, food service, law enforcement, healthcare, retail , etc. work for a year earning your own keep & then come back & see me “. That’s a job by the way & not an unpaid internship ” . So no doubt the person has mouth gaping open & uttering ” is this for real “. Yes it’s for real . Problem is you’ve not worked a day in your life & until you do … your education is not finished !

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