Some Thoughts and Analysis by Maynard

Give credit to the New York Times for digging in and printing hard facts at times when the editors are not obsessed with a rabid political agenda. This report is documented in great detail, and it’s worth reading: “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal”.

The article ran on April 23, 2015, at a time when the campaigns were wide open (Hillary has recently announced her candidacy) and nobody was thinking in terms of a Trump presidency.

The essence of the story is that uranium is a strategic material, and Hillary signed off on allowing Russia to take control of 20% of American mining production (strategic planners were urging her to block the sale, which required State Dept. approval) while at the same times millions of dollars were being “donated” by Russian connections to the Clinton Foundation. In order to make the sale palatable, government reassurances were made: In particular, 1) That the mining companies would remain public corporations and thus open to public perusal, and 2) The uranium ore would be processed in America and under American jurisdiction and control. Both of these assertions proved false as the mining operations went private and then the ore was exported to Canada.

This is just one small facet of the dubious Clinton Foundation finances, which gathered $250 million from all over the world. Is there any reasonable doubt that this money was “donated” with expectation of quid pro quo? — and of course subsequent Wikileaks documentation of special attention given to special people confirms this. Now that Hillary’s influence is depleted, is anyone ponying up the big bucks to hear her or Bubba speak?

In other words, unlike the allegations against Trump, there’s actually plain and visible evidence of Hillary’s selling out America’s interests to Russia for money. In a sane world, this would matter.

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