I almost feel sorry for Hillary’s inability to come to terms with losing the election.

Looks like the Chardonnay isn’t working.

Via American Mirror.

Another day, another excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

This time, she’s blaming the American form of government, and in the process, belittling the success of every female world leader that’s come before her.

During an appearance at the Book Expo to plug her yet-to-be-released book, Hillary said female leaders have fared better in parliamentary forms of government, and blamed America’s presidential system for her loss to Donald Trump….

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  1. MACVEL says:

    In a parliamentary system, the elites can control candidates more easily. The leader can go down in a quickly fashioned Vote of No Confidence. She is a member of the elitist empire, you know.

  2. deaves1 says:

    There goes that head rocking again. How long before she starts rocking her whole body back and forth in a chair drooling on herself?

  3. She just can’t stop whining, can she? And I can’t help but point out that if there was a double standard during the recent election, and of course there was, it worked in favor of the Democrats. The Legacy Media was on her side, the Establishment was on her side, RINO Republicans were on her side, academia was on her side, Wall Street was on her side and Hollywood was on her side. The only people not on her side were us, the regular “deplorables.”

    Was there ever a candidate in recent history who had as many advantages going in as Hillary Clinton?

    But in the end, she still lost. And one would think that given all of those advantages going in, a person capable of reflection and self-evaluation might realize that they themselves were, at least in part, responsible for the outcome.

    But Hillary is clearly not capable of that kind of self-awareness.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Female leaders have fared better in Monarchies too. So?
    Her 2008 loss to Obama had nothing to do with electoral college. Pretty unusual after 8 years of defeat within Party to come back and be nominee. Usually it’s the VP. Biden not running was a major concession to her. Is she now calling Dem. Party sexist?
    Cameron called for a Brexit vote because he thought it would lose. UK pols have the tradition and good sense to go away when they’re shown wrong.

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