More laughs from the Comedy News Network.

Via NewsBusters.

April Ryan has been a frequent subject this year at NewsBusters, given her proclivity to see racism where there is none, her failure to understand the difference between a person’s annual income and their net worth, and her criticism of center-right news sites allowed into White House briefings as “fake news peddlers.” Naturally, Ryan’s next move after that final item was to join serial fake news perpetrator CNN as an analyst.

Three months into her new gig, she has embarrassed herself several times, perhaps never more so than on Monday, when she first tweeted her belief that a Trump administration official had made up the term “stagflation,” and then pathetically tried to claim that she had been joking.

According to, stagflation, “an inflationary period accompanied by rising unemployment and lack of growth in consumer demand and business activity,” has been around as a term since “1965-1970.”

This made it especially odd that Ryan would have contended, as she definitely did Monday afternoon, that Marc Short of the Trump administration was inventing the term out of thin air at that day’s White House press briefing….

When you misspeak, acknowledge the mistake, and move on. Otherwise, well, you look like a fool:

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