Oh great, now the NYC subway system will finally work! Not.

But the Left is going about this all wrong. Instead of toppling a few statues, ripping out some tiles in a subway station, why not go “whole hog” and just burn down the entire country?

Because isn’t that really their goal?

Via Free Beacon.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Thursday it would be removing a tile pattern that passengers complained looked like a Confederate flag.

Times Square Station is adorned with red rectangles with blue lines running through the diagonals. Passengers have complained that the design was too reminiscent of the Confederate flag, with some even claiming that the 100-year-old design was an intentional nod to New York Times publisher and Southerner, Arthur Ochs.

The Times was skeptical of that claim in a 2015 factcheck. They quoted an MTA artistic director who noted that “the banding design was based on geometric forms with multicolored palettes, and the various designs are seen in stations that opened at this time.”….

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  1. Chuck says:

    Nineteen eighty-four is finally here.

  2. TheGreenHornet says:

    I thought there was nothing more sacred than art. No matter how much it offends someone, art is art. Or is it because some blue collar tile layer installed it 80 years ago. These people are insane. We have got to get these maniacs under control and send them back under the rock they crawled out from.

  3. Alain41 says:

    2012 article from Civil War Times Magazine re the tiles. Good history on Adolph Ochs & family. Article thinks that the tiles are, in part, an homage to Ochs and the Confederate flag.

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