Surprise! Are these the people we’re going to allow to dictate public policy?

Via Daily Caller.

One of the activists who toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., on Monday night is a member of an extreme leftist group that supports the totalitarian regime in North Korea and wants to abolish capitalism.

Taqiyah Thompson, a student at North Carolina Central University, was arrested Tuesday following a press conference in which she defended the actions of the demonstrators and equated police officers to Confederate soldiers and Ku Klux Klan members…

Thompson is a member of the Worker’s World Party (WWP), a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group originally formed in 1959 as a hard-line offshoot of the more moderate Socialist Workers Party. In addition to supporting a wide range of far-left causes, the group also defends the North Korean regime of dictator Kim Jong-un against alleged U.S. imperialism.

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And it appears they’re all with the World Workers Party.

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  1. Maynard says:

    I know I’m an awful person to think this, but I find myself wondering whether Charlottesville is some sort of big-budget reboot of those notorious “Bumfights” videos, with George Soros in the role of Ryen McPherson.

  2. Alain41 says:

    All this statues are evil racist symbols yelling seems like an extension of Obama Spite House. When he closed down all the monuments because of gov’t shutdown. And GOPe fall over themselves to take the blame every time. Portends well for raising the debt limit in Sept. Not. Spite makes Right fall down. Or something.

  3. Alain41 says:

    In other statue related news: Mosaic tiles in Times Square Train Station will be changed because they look like Confederate battle flag. They were installed 90 yrs ago to honor NYT publisher Adolph Ochs who was a Southerner and was buried with the Confederate battle flag. MTA officials claim the mosaic design is not the battle flag but represent Times Square as the Crossroads of the World. I think both.

    Re Maryland & Baltimore removing statues during the night; reminds of Baltimore Colts owner who after not getting the posh stadium deal that he wanted, loaded up the moving vans at midnight and moved the Colts to Indianapolis. He’s reviled to this day.

    Lastly, Washington Times article on Confederate officer, John S. Mosby, argues that his statues/remembrances should not be destroyed. He supported his home State Virginia not slavery nor secession. Following the war, he became a Republican, close friends with U.S. Grant, and friends with the Patton family, for whom he recreated civil war battles for a young George S. Patton. Wonder how much that helped Patton later.

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