Kudos to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Michael Goodwin of the NY Post, for calling out Mayor Bill de Blasio’s outrageous remarks, which were published in a recent interview in NY Magazine.

Mayor de Blah Blah Blasio fancies himself a “progressive.” But here he sounds like a socialist dictator.

Via New York Magazine.

….What’s been hardest is the way our legal system is structured to favor private property. I think people all over this city, of every background, would like to have the city government be able to determine which building goes where, how high it will be, who gets to live in it, what the rent will be. I think there’s a socialistic impulse, which I hear every day, in every kind of community, that they would like things to be planned in accordance to their needs. And I would, too. Unfortunately, what stands in the way of that is hundreds of years of history that have elevated property rights and wealth to the point that that’s the reality that calls the tune on a lot of development.

….Look, if I had my druthers, the city government would determine every single plot of land, how development would proceed. And there would be very stringent requirements around income levels and rents. That’s a world I’d love to see, and I think what we have, in this city at least, are people who would love to have the New Deal back, on one level. They’d love to have a very, very powerful government, including a federal government, involved in directly addressing their day-to-day reality….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Like Hollande raising taxes, it never occurs to the socialists that the rich and individual freedom loving will simply leave. He truly wants Moscow on the Hudson. His honeymoon with the voters is hopefully done too.

  2. Mickey says:

    Hey Bill, please come and give that speech in any state in the West. I’ll bring the popcorn.

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