Love this!

And, added bonus: Libs freaked out on Twitter 🙂

Via BizPac Review.

The song choice, God Bless America, immediately led to a backlash from the Perpetually Outraged….

Here’s a suggestion for all those who are offended by God Bless America at a ball game:


I hear Afghanistan is lovely this time of year.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    New era of McCarthyism? MLB started this when games resumed following 911. After about a year, most teams only play on weekends or Sundays. Yankees still play it every game. So if you were to check the 8 World Series during Obama’s years, I bet you would hear GBA played. Starting last year, articles started appearing about stopping playing GBA. Just as Obama was leaving office. Like the atheists didn’t want to cause a problem for the Christian Obama. But now he’s gone. GBA’s 100th anniversary is next year. May it be played many more. (To stir Hornet’s Nest, ask De Blasio if the Yankees should stop playing it. Heh.)

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