But you just know if Obama had decided to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, he would be hailed by the MSM as deserving of a second Nobel Peace Prize.

Via Daily Caller.

An MSNBC panel about Jerusalem got super awkward when the producers accidentally rolled footage of Palestinian riots.

Each person on the panel seemed to be against President Donald Trump’s plan to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and they worried about what the move would mean for Palestinians and peace negotiations.

MSNBC political analyst Heidi Przybyla expressed concern that the move could increase anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiment, suggesting that Trump might be to blame if any Americans were killed as a result of the decision.

The panel got slightly awkward when the panelists were accidentally reminded of who would actually be responsible for such attacks….

NBC Correspondent Repeatedly Says Palestinians’ ‘Three Days of Rage’ Started off ‘Peaceful’

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  1. Maynard says:

    It’s odd how some classes of hate crimes draw the indignant reaction of “Hate is wrong” and others draw the pearl-clutching wail of “We must have done something to make them hate us.” Consistency, please!

  2. Alain41 says:

    So MSNBC is declaring this as, Peace for our Time ?

    Speaking of the Munich Agreement and France’s ambassador to U.S. The 4 countries at the Munich Conf. that gave part of Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) to Hitler; Germany, Italy, UK, and oh yeah, FRANCE. Czechs refer to Agreement as Munich Betrayal (Czechoslovakia had a military alliance with France) with the slogan of, About us without us. To make sure that I haven’t misunderstood the French Ambassador, I request that he say what he tweeted on Dec. 7…. IN PRAGUE.

    (Regarding dates/timing, WWII began Sept. 1, 1939. France surrendered June 22, 1940. Not even one year later. Our military was depleted at that time.)

  3. Maynard says:

    Click to this James Woods tweet. Clips of previous presidents spouting the hollow words of support for Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, and that our embassy belongs in the capital. The weird thing about Trump is the guy actually keeps his campaign promises.

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