We should require all federal office holders to sit in economy. They obviously need to be around the normals, this would be a good start. United denies bumping their regular passenger to Coach so Sheila Jackson Lee could fly First, but I don;t believe them. We’re supposed to accept that it was a Christmas miracle that the passenger happened to cancel her last flight leg home from the mobile app (which she denies and of which there is no evidence) and Lee just happened to be the first person who’s available for the sudden open seat. Yeah, sure.

United figures an apology and $500 will solve the problem. Will it? Should it?

Via Fox News.

United Airlines has apologized and given a $500 travel voucher to a passenger who accused the airline of giving her first-class seat to U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Houston Democrat.

An airline spokeswoman said Monday that its internal systems show the passenger, Jean-Marie Simon, canceled her Dec. 18 seat from Houston to Washington, D.C. after a weather delay.

Simon denies that she canceled the flight. She was given a seat in Economy Plus on the flight, and told the Houston Chronicle she saw Jackson Lee sitting in the seat that was assigned to her.

United says it upgraded Jackson Lee automatically and not because she was a member of Congress. The congresswoman says in a statement that she didn’t ask for anything “exceptional or out of the ordinary.”

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  1. Vintageport says:

    Apparently no airline is safe from Sheila Jackson Lee. It’s a well-known fact that if things don’t go well for her when flying, she immediately plays the race card, as she did with this “snafu” with United and the school teacher. “Don’t you know who I am?” https://truepundit.com/dont-know-im-congresswoman-sheila-jackson-lee-seafood-meal/

  2. Minnie says:

    Hardly enough for this passenger ! She used up all her FF miles too ! Sheila Jackson Lee does not surprise me. She is following quite a number of the “Congressional Black Caucus” & other Dems using their office for personal gain. All while they do nothing for constituents.

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