In case you missed it, here’s my segment from Friday night with Tucker Carlson. Hope you like it!

Tucker: Social media takes aim at Matt Damon

Snippet from transcript:

Tucker: Tammy, I never thought that I would defend Matt Damon and I’m not actually really defending Matt Damon, I’m defending the proposition that you say something that other people disagree with without being fired for it and we seem to have lost that.

Tammy: Yeah, indeed. Look, I also loathe him. He said some things about the president and about others which politically I very much disagree with. I don’t know him. But he seems to me to be like the blind squirrel here. Every now and then you find a nut. And he has found one because he is right.

You are absolutely right in your assessment leading into this. But as a feminist, here is also what I see in this regard. I have been arguing from the beginning here that we need to be careful as I saw the attempt to conflate guys being jerks with guys who are actual predators. And the women involved in this and the people on the left argue that well we don’t want him and others to trivialize these serious allegations. What really trivializes them, Tucker, when you do compare a man calling you beautiful as you walk down the hallway or maybe rubbing your back with an act of rape. That trivializes those survivors, what they have been through.

And I think as most people understand that, as we listen to as you read what Matt Damon said. And this is now our challenge. Because this is what the left always does. They use a serious issue that people, we know it has to be dealt with. And then ride it and then abuse it, they go too far. It’s almost like the French revolution. People begin to do things simply because they can. And they use it for revenge or because they can’t stop their rage. And then everybody is going to have to pay — Jody Foster I have think said I saw a headline the other day that every man over the age of 30 is somewhat culpable for the sexual harassment we now face.

I have found in my life it’s been men who have been most helpful and the most decent to me. With women not necessarily being so. So, this is an issue of behavior. It’s not an issue about men or sex even as we know. It’s about control. I think that unless we get a handle on this and have an honest conversation, you’re going to have the left once again shredding an important issue like sexual harassment, sexual assault because they don’t know, they have no boundary of what’s important. And then conflating everything and then just simply vomiting their rage out on everyone.

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