Sure, there’s “no threat” unless you live in a state run by incompetent Democrats.

Why we don’t have a raft of resignations at this point is beyond me. This entire situation has been an obscene exercise in incompetence and arrogance. A police officer is heard saying “Somebody should get fired” on one of the 911 recordings. That’s an understatement.

Via Breitbart.

A report from Sunday says that local police were aware that a missile attack warning for Hawaii was false only five minutes after it was sent, but it took a full 38 minutes for authorities to correct the inaccurate information.
According to 911 recordings obtained by Mercury News, police dispatchers had realized that the missile warning was a false alarm only minutes after the warnings flashed across cell phones.

The warning hit cellphones at 8:07 AM on Saturday, January 13, but dispatchers were aware that the report was a false alarm by 8:12, the paper reported. Despite that, officials didn’t rescind the warning until 8:45.

“Somebody should get fired,” one police officer is heard saying dourly on the recordings.

Only minutes after the alert went out, one Island police officer was heard letting out a “wheww” in relief as he learned that the whole thing was untrue…

But a full 38 minutes went by before that official confirmation was released.

By Monday, it was reported that the government employee who accidentally flipped the switch to issue the warning to 1.4 million islanders was merely “reassigned” and not fired from his government job.

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  1. Steven says:

    Hi Tammy!!

    A couple nights ago i listed to your 1/14/2018 evening update podcast and so far it was my favorite!! really sticking it to the dem dynasty in Hawaii.
    Loved it!!

  2. Steven says:

    Any chance you putting your show on XM radio???!!!

  3. Alain41 says:

    Hawaii 5 uh oh

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