Thank God. Great work by the Humane Society International!

Via Mirror.

(Note: Pictures in original article sad but not violent).

They huddle together in cramped cages, whining and shivering in the bitter cold weather – destined for bowls of soup and stew served up at the Winter Olympics.

But these pitiful pooches were the lucky ones, given a last-minute reprieve from slaughter in a bid to close a barbaric dog meat farm.

Animal aid workers had good reason to celebrate as they hugged the excited animals after Humane Society International (HSI) persuaded the owner to give up his business, helping him to start a different trade.

His decision saved 90 pups and fully grown dogs from brutal death by electrocution before being eaten at local restaurants 40 minutes away at the Winter Olympic Village in South Korea.

The animals joined 1,300 others rescued so far by HSI – but it is a drop in the ocean in a country notorious for its canine cuisine.

Urging Sunday Mirror pet lovers to back their campaign to ban dog meat from menus, HSI’s Wendy Higgins said: “There are around 2.5 million across South Korea suffering just like the ones our HSI rescue team is with now.

“And they are relying on us, the Koreans and the global community to change their fate.

“As the world watches the athletes in Pyeongchang, let’s not forget nearby there will be dogs cowering in wire cages, not knowing whether today is their day to die.”

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    Faintly related; Year of the Dog starts this Friday, Feb. 16. Trump is a Dog as he was born in 1946. Party!

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