Democratic New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich wants the restriction of “gas-assisted receiver firearms.”

And next, the Dems will probably call for the banning of the “left-handed high-powered machine-gun magazine looper.”

Or something.

Via Daily Caller.

Democratic New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich advocated age restricting a gun that does not exist on MSNBC Thursday.

Heinrich stated that he wants a ban on “gas-assisted receiver firearms.”

Host Kristen Welker had asked if Heinrich thought that “increasing age limits” on firearms were “a real possibility here with this president?”

Heinrich said in response:

There are a couple of things I can think of that I think are possible now. Increasing age limits. Certainly somebody who’s 18, 19, 20 years old shouldn’t be able to purchase an assault rifle, an AR-15 or other gas-assisted receiver firearms when they can’t buy a simple handgun, so that should be changed….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    If a law is passed that bans a type of gun that doesn’t exist, then one can claim that any/every gun falls under that definition. And a 9th Circus(t) clown will agree.

  2. Pathman says:

    my senator. Terrible. Please help us defeat him Support Mick Rich for Senate.

  3. MACVEL says:

    Now we need a ban in phasers, blasters, and fusion cannons.

  4. DAVID says:

    M 16 and AR 15 Gas-operated, rotating bolt (direct impingement
    M 14 and M 1A Gas-operated, rotating bolt
    M 1 Garand Gas-operated, rotating bolt



  5. dennisl59 says:

    I saw a ‘Golf Ball Gun’ on iZombie last night…is that one on his list?

    posted 3/6 628pm Texas[Fore!]Time

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