Shorter Biden: You “Deplorables” think Trump’s policies are improving the economy because there are a few more “crumbs” in your pockets now, but you are all too dumb to understand how “wonderful” the US economy was under Obama.

Yeah. No, Uncle Joey, your guy Barack Hussein Obama was ideologically opposed to tax cuts. And: Trump’s first year, 2.3% growth. Obama’s first year, economy shrank 2.8%

Via Daily Caller.

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he wanted to cut taxes for the middle class during the final years in the White House in order to give Americans tangible proof of the Obama administration’s accomplishments.

“We had the big debate about what our focus should be on the economy in the last two years,” Biden said in an interview on Pod Save America, a podcast hosted by four Obama administration alumni. “The president let me come in with my team to make a presentation that we should have a middle class tax cut. The economists came in and said, ‘well, that’s not going to stimulate the economy.’”

The conversation was sparked by what former President Barack Obama should have done in the last years of his administration to prove that his economic policies were working for the American people.

“I wish we could have done again going back as I wish we had let people know simultaneously ‘this is what we’re doing. By the way the reason why you are bum-bum-bum this is why. The reason why this job came back is because of — this is what we did the reason,’” Biden said.

“Bum-bum-bum…” What?

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Dum de dum dum dummmmb. There are a million stories in the Naked City. Joe Biden is not one of them. Literally.

    Joe’s tale would sound better if he had actually kept track of the Obama Stimulus monies (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act).

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