Seriously, why has no one in Hillary’s inner circle told her to stop with the “group therapy” whining? Or maybe they already have, but she just cannot stop.

Via Daily Caller.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that she still doesn’t know exactly why she lost in the 2016 presidential election….

“You know, after the devastating election of 2016, which you know I’m still trying to figure out, to be honest with you,” she began during a speech at Ida’s Legacy Fundraiser in Chicago….

Clinton’s lack of awareness manifested itself in her speech, as she went on to deride the Trump White House for promoting “racist and white supremacist views.”….

Starts @ 4:34 mark

Tammy Bruce: Washington Times: How Hillary Clinton still misses the point

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  1. Alain41 says:

    I take Hillary at her word that she doesn’t know (and never will admit that it was her) BUT saying, I don’t know what happened but you know that Trump promotes racism… works better than, I was a bad candidate with a bad campaign but you should completely pay attention to everything I say, such as Trump is promoting racism….

    Btw, Ida Wells was the first African-American woman to run for Congress, 1930. Hillary was the Keynote Speaker, Has any Repub been a Keynote Speaker? Any attend? Any give money?
    Great chance that Repubs are pushed away, but seems to me that this is one of those instances that Tammy talks about where they don’t even try at any level.

  2. Los2000 says:

    It’s the Dunning-Kruger Effect Hillary. You just don’t have the capacity to understand why you lost; you really don’t. And, you’ll never understand until you learn one simple little thing. Humility.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and state something that very few have commented on, because of the probable blow-back. But if her husband, really and truly loved her, he would help her get over her loss, quietly, gently but firmly. He’s the solution, but he’s absent, gone and apparently doesn’t care that his own wife continues to humiliate herself in public. Sad.

    posted 4/15 1029am Texas[Seek Counseling] Time

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