Remember when Trevor Noah tweeted a tasteless Jew-hating “joke” and was immediately denounced, lost his agent and was shunned by the entertainment industry?

Yeah, me neither.

But Noah is blaming President Trump for Roseanne’s infamous Valerie Jarrett tweet.

So I guess we can blame Barack Hussein Obama for Trevor’s Jew-hating tweets?

Via Guardian.

….“We were off for a week and it is really so great to be back on the air,” Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah began.

“But let’s move on today’s big news breaking in Hollywood,” he said, before showing news segments covering ABC’s decision to cancel its highest-rated show after Roseanne Barr’s tweets.

“That’s right, Roseanne’s show’s cancelled because she tweeted out racist stuff,” Noah continued. “You know who I blame for this? Donald Trump, that’s who. He makes all of his supporters think they’re as impervious as he is.”

“Come on, everyone, you can tweet whatever you want,” the host joked, imitating Trump. “Nothing happens!”

“But it’s not the same for everyone else,” Noah added. “It’s like he’s superman telling normal people to follow his lead.”….

Well, apparently Trevor Noah can tweet “whatever he wants,” with no consequence.

Someone should ask him: On what planet is domestic violence amusing?

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Weird. There is a history of anti-semitism in South Africa, to this day. Per wikip., he went to Catholic school (which I suspect didn’t take) and his mother (Xhosa South African) converted to Judaism when he was approx. 10 yrs old. His abusive stepfather shot his mother in the head 9 yrs ago. She survived, he got 3yrs probation, and threatened Noah who then came to U.S. You would think that would attune him to getting along, but no.

    FWIW; Wikip. says that Michelle Wolf claims him as an influencer of her comedy.

  2. Maynard says:

    Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson…

  3. Alain41 says:

    And in the what is Noah doing this weekend department; He’s headlining Clusterfest 2018 in San Francisco. This 2nd Clusterfest (ival) presented by Comedy Central has such attractions as a South Park section where one attraction is Kick the Baby. Amy Schumer is the other headliner and sex workers stated they planned to protest her because she has made fun of them in her routines. Obviously, making fun, is an overstatement when applied to Ms. Schumer. Not holding breath on the national morning shows covering this.

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