Right on cue, the UN Human Rights Council, that bastion of hypocrisy and hatred of Israel, has voted to investigate Israel for Gaza protest deaths.

And where does Hamas get the money to pay their protesters $500 for serious injury and $3000 for the families of those killed?

For this, we can thank Barack Hussein Obama and his catastrophic Iran deal.

Via Western Journal.

There has been much talk in recent days of the protests and violent riots on the border between Israel and Gaza, with extensive coverage of the deaths and injuries that occurred among the “peaceful” Palestinians which were blamed solely on the “evil” Israelis by the liberal media.

But in reality Israel has shown restraint at what were actually Hamas-incited protests and riots that involved the terrorist group paying Palestinians to participate, according to Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Mag, who exposed the absurdity of the media coverage with a biting opening paragraph.

“Hamas supporters in Gaza held the world’s first peaceful protest with hand grenades, pipe bombs, cleavers and guns. Ten explosive devices were peacefully detonated. There were outbursts of peaceful gunfire and over a dozen kites carrying firebombs were sent into Israel where they started 23 peaceful fires. And Israeli soldiers peacefully defended their country leaving multiple Hamas attackers at peace,” Greenfield wrote.

Greenfield noted that despite the media focus of the past few days, the Hamas-led protests and violent riots have actually been ongoing since late March, and offered proof obtained by a U.K. Telegraph reporter in April that Palestinians were being paid $100 per day by Hamas to take part, more if they suffered injuries or died.

….take a guess where the largely bankrupt Hamas government that oppresses Gaza obtained the money to reward poor protesters and rioters so handsomely.

If you guessed the Islamic Republic of Iran, you would be correct. But even that terrorism-supporting nation isn’t exactly the most prosperous on earth, or even in the Middle Eastern region, so where did it get the money from to fund Hamas?

The answer lies with those pallets loaded with cash and gold delivered to Iran in cargo planes by the Obama administration to help secure the release of hostages and Iran’s involvement in the ridiculous nuclear deal….

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