This pic has gone viral, with some very funny captions. And I trust you TAMS will think of other good ones.

Via Fox 23.

A picture of U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel displaying less-than-friendly body language is turning out to be a defining image of the contentious meeting of the Group of Seven leaders of the world’s advanced economies.

The picture, snapped Saturday by German government photographer Jesco Denzel, shows a standing Merkel with her hands firmly planted on a table staring down at Trump, who is seated with his arms folded and eyes glaring. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stands next to Trump, also with folded arms, as French President Emmanuel Macron leans in next to Merkel.

The photo was tweeted by Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert. Shortly afterward, the White House issued a separate photo showing a sitting Trump speaking as Merkel, Abe and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listen.

The BBC parsed the picture by identifying all nine individuals in it, including British Prime Minister Theresa May, who is barely visible, and Larry Kudlow, head of Trump’s National Economic Council as well as several Japanese officials and U.S. national security adviser John Bolton.

Another image of the same gathering however suggests a more relaxed interaction, with Merkel smiling and Trump making eye contact….

G7 Summit: Trump Gives Masterclass in ‘America First’ to Globalists

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  1. Canonbal says:

    Ms Merkel, I am tired of listening and worst of all, watching you fulfilling those dumba$$ ideas you get. But you get a grade of “A” for showing the courage of your convictions but an “F” for NOT thinking them thru! Actions have consequences as well you should know but you need to stop listening to that dummy Obama!!

  2. Alain41 says:

    Why are you so stubborn?
    You’re ancestors are from Germany.
    Okay, I retract the question.

  3. MACVEL says:

    Merkel: Mr. Trump, you WILL surrender.

    Trump: IN YOUR DREAMS!

  4. Kitten says:

    POTUS: Ain’t

  5. solongbattlestar says:

    Merkel: Taste Great!
    Trump: Less Filling!
    Merkel: Taste Great!
    Trump: Our country is less filled with Terrorists.

  6. midget says:

    We know it’s not your first time at the rodeo, but pretty please?

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