As usual, the MSM jumped at the opportunity to portray Israel as the “aggressors.” In their narrative, “innocent protesters” were “gunned down” by heavily-armed soldiers.

Yeah, no.

Since March 30th, Arabs armed with Molotov cocktails, grenades, axes, knives, and wire-cutters have been attempting to breach the wall (Yes, walls work!) separating Gaza and southern Israel. Hamas has admitted that most killed in Gaza violence were its members

And the “fire-kites” sent over the border have ruined over 6,000 acres of Israeli farmland and nature preserves.

Currently, firefighters are battling three fires caused by flaming kites on Gaza border

Now the Palestinian Authority is screaming over their loss of funds to compensate the farmers.

Via Israel National News.

The Palestinian Authority expressed outrage Monday after Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the Israeli National Security Council to begin deducting money from Israel’s tax transfers to the PA in order to compensate Israeli farmers harmed by Arab arsonists near the Gaza border.

PA spokesman Yousef al-Mahmoud called the plan by Israel to penalize the PA for damages caused by Gaza residents to Israeli farmers “an act of robbery and banditry”.

“The Israeli government is plotting to steal the funds of the Palestinian people,” al-Mahmoud said, according to the WAFA media outlet. “This is an act of aggression committed by thieves in the form of Israeli officials.”

Since March 30th, Gaza rioters have clashed with Israeli security forces protecting the frontier with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Along with attempts at mass infiltrations into Israel, some rioters have sought to cause financial harm on Israeli farmers near the Gaza Strip by intentionally sparking fires on Israeli agricultural land.

Using kites carrying improvised incendiary devices, dubbed “terror kites”, the rioters have managed to cause serious financial losses for some farmers whose property lies near the Gaza border….

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  1. MACVEL says:

    Would be much simpler for the Israelis to wipe out Hamas and Fatah, and end this nonsense of a 2-state solution.

  2. Alain41 says:

    And the circle is closed.
    Don’t like Israel using funds meant for the PA to reimburse Israel losses. Go Fly a Kite.
    (Pro Tip: Attach keys. Shiny.)

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