Interesting connection, as Alaska has the second highest suicide rate of all the states. And Alaska is also the warmest. Oh wait, Alaska is actually the coldest state. Never mind.

Via NewsBusters.

Watch out! Climate change is not only killing polar bears; it is killing humans. The liberals have discovered a new scare tactic to push their climate control agenda and now are saying that increase in temperature leads to increase in suicide.

The Atlantic posted an article concerning this topic on July 23 claiming “unusually hot days have profound effects on mental health and human physiology.” This assertion was based on a report by Nature Climate Change, a monthly journal dedicated to writing on “underlying causes or impacts of global climate change.”

According to The Atlantic, the authors of the report state that “roughly 14,000 people—and as many as 26,000—could die by suicide in the United States by 2050,” as long as “humanity does not reduce its emissions of greenhouse-gas pollution.”….

The article was just another weapon to frighten people into a stop-climate-change-or-we’ll-die frenzy. As one of the authors, Professor Marshall Burke, described the apparent situation: “It’s all losers. There are no winners.” You might just kill yourself if you don’t buy a Prius….

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