The so-called SJWs – “Social Justice Warriors” – have zero interest in “justice.” They seek to shut down any opinion or point of view that does not match theirs.

We need to start calling them by the more accurate “LFs” – Leftist Fascists.

Tammy’s book, The New Thought Police, written in 2001, is more relevant than ever, seventeen years later.

Via WSJ.

Betty Bonifassi has spent 18 years researching, reworking and performing slave songs. In “SLĀV,” the hit new play on the same topic, she is the lead singer—or was. The Montreal International Jazz Festival canceled “SLĀV” on Wednesday: “We would like to apologize to those who were hurt.” Why the pain? Because Ms. Bonifassi and director Robert Lepage are white. Two of the seven cast members were black, but they won’t be performing either.

“SLĀV” sold out its first five shows and was booked for 11 more at Montreal’s Théâtre du Nouveau Monde. It also received glowing reviews in the Quebecois press….

Some 100 people showed up to protest the play before one of its performances. They complained that Ms. Bonifassi was “not allowing us to tell our own stories” and “profiting from our pain.” One speaker called the show “a blatant act of neocolonialism.” An American singer, Moses Sumney, canceled a performance at the Jazz Festival, calling “SLĀV”—which he didn’t trouble himself to see—“hegemonic, appropriative, and neo-imperialistic” in a letter to the festival’s organizers.

Ms. Bonifassi and Mr. Lepage responded to the protests with a measured statement. “Yes, the history of slavery, in all its various forms, belongs first and foremost to those who have been oppressed and to the descendants of those people,” they concede. “Do we have the right to tell these stories?” they ask. “Audience members will have the opportunity to decide after having seen the show.” But the social-justice mob saw to it that they wouldn’t.

No one has even implied that “SLĀV” misconstrued the history of slavery or treated the subject matter too lightly. But the social-justice mob smelled blood, and the jazz festival panicked at the threat of bad publicity. That’s how a few dozen Canadian philistines deprived their neighbors of an opportunity to appreciate the wrenching and challenging songs of slaves….

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  1. MACVEL says:

    The issue for these LFs is not justice. It is Power. RAW Power. Raw Power at any price.

  2. Alain41 says:

    The poem/play, John Brown’s Body, by Stephen Vincent Benet, starring Tyrone Power, directed by Charles Laughton is in the Library of Congress for its artistic cultural historic significance. Do we need to purge it? Along with all others not SJW approved.

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