Gosh, I’ll really miss Twitter when rising sea levels drown all the internet cables.

Or something.

Via Daily Caller.

A government-funded study predicts rising sea levels will likely submerge over 4,000 miles of internet cables and more than 1,000 data centers in the next 15 years.

But even the study’s authors admit their results are based on the “most extreme” sea level rise scenario of 6 feet by the end of the century….

The study, by University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Oregon researchers, uses the “most extreme” scenario considered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)….

Of course, news headlines blared warnings the internet was in danger from man-made warming.

“Rising seas could knock out the internet — and sooner than scientists thought,” NBC News reported. “Climate change could literally break the internet,” reads The Huffington Post’s subheadline.

National Geographic went with the not-so-subtle headline: “The Internet Is Drowning.”

But how realistic is this dire prediction? The new study relies on an extreme scenario that projects more sea level rise than the latest NCA report’s most extreme scenario.

The NCA’s “intermediate” sea level rise scenario only predicts half a foot of sea level rise by 2030 and 3.3 feet by 2100. Barford’s study relies on a scenario of 6 feet by the end of the century….

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  1. Gordon says:

    All is Lost…All is Lost.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Fortnite game to be hardest hit.

  3. Vintageport says:

    But but but but Madden 19…?

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