Remember when Obama, whose daughters attended the prestigious Sidwell Friends School, tried to destroy the school voucher program in DC, which had given an opportunity for minority kids to attend better schools?

Via Washington Examiner.

Sharon Kirsch, co-founder of Save Our Schools in Arizona (a group that vehemently opposes school choice) was recently outed for sending her children to a charter school….

School choice is apparently okay for Kirsch, but not for the other families in her state. According to the Save our Schools’ website, the founders were “heartsick and angry” when a school voucher bill passed the Arizona legislature. The voucher bill expanded the same choice of schools that Kirsch and other middle-to-upper income families already had to families of lesser means.

Charter schools, though technically designated as public schools, are run by private organizations and individuals. Kirsch, in her critique that the Arizona voucher bill would supposedly siphon “hundreds of millions” of dollars away from public schools with “almost zero accountability” ironically participates in the system she is criticizing. While there’s a difference between the private schools that accept vouchers and the charter schools attended by Kirsch’s children, Kirsch still believes choice is fine for her but not for Arizona families that want vouchers….

All politicians, pundits, celebrities, and citizens who oppose school choice must ask themselves if they have already exercised it. They have done so if they moved into a certain neighborhood for quality public schools or decided to enroll their children in a charter or private school – why deny other families the same chance?

Obama While Trying to Kill School Choice in D.C.: We Need to Make Sure ‘All Children’ Get ‘Great Education’

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