Anyone who disagrees with her half-baked talking-points is insane?

She sounds like a twelve-year-old.

With apologies to twelve-year-olds, everywhere.

Via Free Beacon.

Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a new interview her party couldn’t compromise with the “insane people” on the right holding the country “hostage.”

Asked by Vanity Fair how she intended to balance her desire for rapid, progressive change with the need in Washington to make deals, Ocasio-Cortez said Democrats too often compromise even before getting to the table.

“When you’re dealing with these insane people holding the country hostage on the right, you can’t go in with your end point. You have to go in with a strong position,” she said. “If they’re trying to end Planned Parenthood, I don’t think we go in with, ‘No, let’s keep Planned Parenthood.’ I think we go in with, ‘Let’s expand women’s rights to health care and have it guaranteed in every state.’ I think we can compromise on our tactics and how we get there, but we can’t compromise where we’re going.”….

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  1. Gordon says:

    It’s sad and a real shame that the Republicans gave up on her district. She, as a loon, would be easy to defeat; her word salad rhetoric is illogical, incoherent, and chock full of holes.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Speaking of Socialism; My college travel packages for 2019 just arrived. Cuba trip of 8 days is listed third. From the description; For $5,200 includes plane from Miami, you can; ride in a vintage convertible, watch workers hand roll cigars in a factory, and visit a model socialist community. Too much excitement for me, so I’ll have to pass.

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