It is outrageous and disgusting to see how MSNBC has rewarded Sharpton with his own show. He has a long history of race-baiting and anti-Semitism; Google “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” to recall how his rhetoric incited the massacre of seven people. And Sharpton played a big role in the three-day Crown Heights anti-Semitic riots, in which several innocents were murdered.

Looks like Morning Schmoe Joe Scarborough’s hatred for President Trump caused him to forget how, as a congressman, he had called out Sharpton for his racism and anti-Semitism.

So now we have “Rev. Al,” who referred to Jews as “bloodsuckers” and “Jew-bastards,” weighing in on President Trump.

Nice going, MSNBC.

Via Twitchy.

How is Joe Scarborough so bad at this? And by “this,” we mean “everything.”

For some reason, Scarborough thought that Al Sharpton was just the guy to weigh in on Donald Trump’s problematic remarks….

Unfortunately, Scarborough apparently forgot that he has a congressional record, one that’s not too hard to find if you know where to look:

Nancy Pelosi Applauds Al Sharpton: ‘Thank You for Saving America’

Tawana Brawley Pays For Lies — When Will Sharpton?

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