In normal development, children do not usually have difficulty “losing” by the age of ten.

Some of the responses of these Hillary-voting college students suggest that they have the emotional maturity of Kindergartners.

Via PJ Media.

A new academic study strongly suggests that Hillary Clinton’s defeat during the 2016 election is exacerbating the mental health crisis among college students.

Led by University of Miami Professor Heather Claypool, the study sought to determine if the election would impact students’ mental health and well-being. Claypool surveyed 262 students at the school before and after the 2016 election….

The results, published two years later in a peer-reviewed psychology journal, found that students who supported Clinton emotionally struggled with the results of the election. The authors predicted this was likely felt among students across the nation.

“Among Clinton supporters, the more liberal they were, the more they experienced her electoral defeat as personal rejection, reporting less belonging, less meaningful existence, and worsened mood,” reported Claypool.

“Some described Clinton’s loss as a death, while others likened it to a romantic relationship ending. Other Clinton supporters also described the loss as a betrayal” and one even compared it to “a basket full of puppies [getting] slaughtered.”….

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  1. Maynard says:

    Seriously, this is the end result of so much of the media truly being “the enemy of the people”: The eternally blaring headlines of how awful everything is, which is the new business model for boosting ratings and revenue, has the side effect of pushing people towards mental illness. We hear otherwise-intelligent people screaming about how “the country is falling apart”, even as they carry on with their safe, comfortable lives. And the more obvious it is that their ravings are disconnected from reality, the louder they scream. They can do this because blatant lunacy is reinforced by “respectable” authorities, and thus becomes not only permissible but mandatory.

  2. Alain41 says:

    I can believe this. Think it’s, in part, a reflection of students getting Colleges to Reject Conservative speakers especially for commencement. The students have trouble processing that they can’t control election outcomes when adults bend to their will for commencement speakers.

  3. mamalinda18325 says:

    It also doesn’t help that they go to class and their professors keep telling them that everything is horrible and spout socialism is wonderful and capitalism is bad all day long.

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