And another “gem” from an incoherent, er, the “greatest orator of our generation:”

“We could have electricity and smartphones and all that stuff which would buy us probably another 20, 30 years for that technological breakthrough that’s necessary,”…. The reason we don’t do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.”

“Mommy issues” – said the man whose father abandoned him, and whose mother dragged him around to Third-World countries before dumping him on his grandparents.

Via American Mirror.

Former President Barack Obama used a disgusting term on Monday when discussing officials who do not cower to his demands.

While speaking at the Obama Foundation in Chicago, the former president complained about the difficulty of trying work with community organizers in smaller areas to get projects done.

“You start think, ya know what, this alderman is a knucklehead,” Obama began, insulting fictitious characters in his hypothetical scenario.

“So, then you go to the state legislature, and you look around,” Obama said, oddly chuckling. “These ‘jamokes’… not all of them, but I’m just saying you start to get a sense of ‘this is what it was like dealing with the alderman.’”

According to Urban Dictionary, appearing at the end of the 19th century as a blend of java +‎ mocha, by the 1920s it became slang for someone who lacked mental abilities beyond that of a cup of coffee, probably influenced by moke.

In the 1960s, it also began to be used as slang for male genitalia….

He went on to even criticize world leaders in the same condescending fashion, claiming it’s the “same people” sitting in G-20 meetings….

Hey, keepin’ it classy, Barack!

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  1. Alain41 says:

    As President, Obama always stood by people until it came time to throw them under the bus.
    Not shocking that he hasn’t changed post-Presidency. His only concern is that he keeps trying to throw Trump under the bus and Trump won’t comply.

  2. Pat_S says:

    Link to the song Obama keeps hearing in his head:

  3. Katharine the Great says:

    He sounds like he’s drugged.

  4. Maynard says:

    Oddly enough, Obama actually makes an important point here, but he’s far too unaware to know it. This point is that people in government are often fools, and rising higher doesn’t winnow out the fools. From Obama’s point of view, he’s above the foolery, and apparently the smartest boy in the world, calling the other cool kids together to laugh at the rest of us. From our point of view, our country’s Founders understood how fallible men were, and they built a government of separated powers and (more importantly) limited powers.

    Here’s another clip of Obama’s rant, in which he again blames the various ills of the world on the usual litany of fill-in-the-blank-isms. And the audience laughs and claps, because of course they know they’re so far above such criticism. Sick stuff.

  5. eMVeeH says:

    “Mommy issues?” Really?
    This from the man who wrote Dreams from My Father, a “daddy issues” book if there ever was one. An ode to a phantom.

    He looks bored with life. And that marriage comment his wife made a few days back was quite telling.

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