You want government bureaucrats deciding if you need that knee replacement surgery or pacemaker?

Then yeah, tomorrow, vote for Democrats.

And lots o’ luck getting the healthcare you need.

Via Daily Caller.

Wall Street Journal assistant editorial page editor James Freeman said Democrats are beginning to embrace radical health care policies that would eliminate private insurance and turn over all operations to the government.

“The danger is if the Bernie Sanders left actually means it. And you look at the details here, I think they’ve gone very far to the left on health care,” Freeman said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“The Bernie plan, which has been endorsed by most House Democrats, is to end Medicare, end all private insurance — all of us going into a new government plan,” he added….

“This has really not been talked about much on this campaign. I think it should be. The stakes are enormous,” he said….

How Trump’s helped people with pre-existing conditions and major health issues

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  1. Maynard says:

    This call for the outlawing of private insurance and replacing it with a single payer system scares the hell out of me. A flood of government money allows costs to go through the roof, as incentives to economize are eliminated (even though we’re told the opposite). The more costs rise, the more impossible it is to imagine any payer other than the government — which means the government then necessarily makes our most personal and intimate decisions for ourselves, deciding what gets paid for and what doesn’t, and who lives and who dies. And the government is broke. A sick citizen is a drain on the Treasury, whereas cleaning up the financial affairs of a dead citizen can be an asset to the Treasury. “Physician-assisted suicide” is being phased in, which I don’t see as a terrible problem in itself (I know some do), but it’s a slippery slope to a world in which people are expected and then required to check out when the bureaucrats decide your time has come. Socialized medicine is truly a suicide pact for those not rich enough to buy an exemption — and you can bet that, however horrendous the controls and mandates become, the rich will take care of themselves.

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