Chuckles and Nan obviously copied their tweets from the same Dem talking points.

But it would have been much more effective if they had included Tammy’s line: It’s ‘doom and gloom’ with the Shutdown, and we’re all scrambling for grubs and puddle water! 🙂

Note from Tammy:

For politicians this remains a game, and the American people are an irritating side issue. For some reason, the shut down of the government is portrayed as the worst thing that could happen. Really? No one is working without pay, and there is a slight chance some may receive a delayed paycheck, but even that is unlikely.

The howling by politicians as though the shutdown is the end of the world is nonsense, but it is a reminder of how upset they *weren’t* when so many Americans remained out of work for years during the Obama debacle. Bottom line: politicians care only about themselves and the people who help them enjoy the daily party we provide for them with our tax-payer dollars.

They like to call the wall “Trump’s wall,” but it’s not– it’s our wall, and our security, and our families’ futures. But the Democrats refuse. In all honesty, I think this is one of the punishments the Democrats decided they would inflict on Americans because we elected Trump. I expect the president to stand up to this dangerous nosense.

Via American Thinker.

I have long wondered about who writes the talking points that keep Democrats reading from the same script. That person – or more likely, persons – evidently issues instructions that the office holder branch and the journalist branch of the Democratic Party mimic in their public statements. But in order to appear slightly authentic, they are supposed to speak extemporaneously and make it appear that they all came up with the phrases-of-the-day spontaneously. This works for interviews with print and television journalists, but the rise of Twitter has introduced new danger of exposure. Now we have proof that the current ostensible leaders of the Democrats’ party are often just actors reading from scripts supplied to them by people hidden from public scrutiny. Christmas Eve saw the presumptive new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issue a tweet that was identical, word-for-word, to one issued 23 minutes earlier by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    We’re supposed to believe that Dems care about; 1) stock market, 2) Federal Reserve, 3) Secy of Defense. Sherlock is searching for pre-existing clues. Nothing.
    And as for Christmas eve chaos, there was a Speaker Pelosi that passed a several thousand page health care federal regulation bill that no one had read on Christmas eve. Let me know when Trump does that.

  2. Maynard says:

    People overwhelmingly understand that a nation must control its borders, and that we’ve allowed our borders to get out of control and this is a problem. The part I genuinely don’t understand is why the Democrats battling to the death on behalf of foreign criminals is a winning political strategy. Seems the only beneficiaries of the Democrat position are political special interests and businesses that want to keep wages depressed.

  3. Vintageport says:

    Twin siblings separated at birth? Wow the stupidity is huge in these two.

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