I’m not sure what an “avocado toast-mortgage payment’ is, but if her tweet was missing a comma, then Millennials are also killing punctuation.

Maybe she was referring to a column written last year: Here’s how much avocado toast you have to give up to afford to buy a home

But her tweet still makes little sense.

She also brags about planning to pay her interns $15 an hour. But it would be so much more impressive if she paid them out of her own salary – $174,000 a year – rather than through the $1.2M each member of Congress receives for staff, office rent and technical devices.

In other words, she is being very generous… with taxpayer – other people’s – money.

Because… Socialism!

HT Twitchy.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Trying to take AOC seriously (difficult); Paper napkins are supposedly worse than cloth napkins (debatable. in drought prone areas (Western US) cloth napkins would likely be worse bc of washing); avocados supposedly use too much water & forest clearing (debatable. South/Central American forests would be cleared for some other crop. Avocados are just today’s best seller. Poverty is the issue.); diamond rings (2017, after a diamond did not sell at auction for $70mil, The Economist printed an article on, Why aren’t millennials buying diamonds. That spread. Diamond industry is doing fine selling to millennials. Issue would be, Can’t sell diamond rings to couples who don’t get engaged, and they don’t because of marriage tax penalty.
    Millennials in Paris are taking action on Climate Change, Ask Macron.
    Corporate money in politics; Would that include Hollywood & Silicon Valley giving to Dems? No, because that’s done by independent actors/directors and individual CEO giving. Oh.
    AOC thinks nothing through if it goes against her narrative. Like colleges calling conservative speech, Hate Speech. Don’t wonder where she got it.

  2. MACVEL says:

    Incompetent? Yes. But remember that more powerful and more sinister types can use her to the

    destruction of us all.

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