Looks like Democrat Socialist “Star” Ocasio-Cortez ‘Don’t Know Much About History,’ or how government works…or math, or…

But apparently, you don’t need to understand any math when you can sit on the House Finance Committee.

Via Twitchy.

Celebrity Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blatantly misrepresented this Nation article on Pentagon waste in an effort to make her Medicare-for-all affordable seem affordable:

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  1. jmm says:

    I agree “Medicare for All” only if Congress and all Federal workers give up their Cadillac healthcare plans and are on the same plan. Guess what? Healthcare would be fixed in days.

    • Vintageport says:

      I long for the days when we could purchase a catastrophic plan (termed “major medical”) to cover the “What Ifs” and pay all the rest out of pocket. But Obamacare requires all policies, catastrophic or not, to contain coverage for things we don’t need or want. And the discussion of pre-existing conditions benefits is misleading. Even policies that don’t cover pre-existing conditions will do so after a short (6 months) waiting period. Therefore the high premiums.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    Her new hyphenated last name is: Occasional-Cortex.

    posted 12/4 635pm Texas[Pet Rock]Time

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