Because, apparently, to the Never-Trumpers, nothing says “Holiday Spirit” like a little Trump Derangement.

Tammy’s latest Washington Times column addresses this Dem pettiness and jealousy:

Tammy Bruce: Melania Trump, first lady and role model, rises above Democratic pettiness

What we are watching is the return of “Mean Girls,” those who hounded the new girl in high school who dared to be prettier, smarter and nicer than they were.

In an effort to damage the reputation of the horribly more interesting girl, they would taunt their target in the hallways, spread rumors and tell lies. In the pre-Twitter world of bullying, these jackals would scrawl their 140-character insults, threats and abuse by using a Sharpie pen on her locker.

Clearly, all tactics of the insecure and jealous. In other words, they are today’s Democrats but at 14 years old.

HT Twitchy.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Soledad also recently on Twitter confused Robert Spencer with Richard Spencer, and thereby called Robert, a White Supremacist. She deleted the tweet without recognizing much less apologizing for the error.

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