John Nolte gets this perfectly right:

The Trump-hating Climate Change hoaxsters fell all over themselves, beclowning themselves with howling hysteria. Because irony is somehow lost on the leftist MSM mob.

Via Breitbart.

America enjoys a winter filled with tons of snow and frigid cold weather and out pops the Climate Hoaxsters to assure this kind of weather only further proves our planet is getting, uhm… warmer.

This current Climate Hoaxster freak out is largely in reaction to President Trump’s tweet earlier this week mocking the Climate Hoaxsters….

Naturally, this launched a million reactionary headlines from our oh-so objective, unbiased, not-at-all left-wing media.

“Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron,” screamed Esquire.

“Debunking the utter idiocy of Donald Trump’s global warming tweet,” pouted CNN.

“Here’s Why the Crazy Cold Temperatures Prove Global Warming is Real,” Forbes says reassuringly.

But here is my personal favorite headline from, where else?, NBC News…. “Yes, it can be this cold outside in a time of global warming.”

There are three Party slogans in George Orwell’s 1984, his masterpiece about an all-controlling centralized government that runs on lies, terror, and propaganda. See if you can pick out which Party slogan I invented among the four:

• War is Peace
• Freedom is Slavery
• Ignorance is Strength
• Frigid Weather Means Our Planet is Getting Warmer….

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  1. MACVEL says:

    Wobal Glarming is called a tautology. An idea is true no matter what strong evidence there is against it.

    Another tautology is “Whites are devils.”

  2. Alain41 says:

    New Scientist, a magazine founded in 1956, tweeted yesterday that so far in 2019, 33 hottest temperature records have been set and zero coldest records.
    They had to get that out before this cold spell sets numerous records. Pathetic.

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