Democrats like to say that building a wall at our border is “immoral.”

But do you know what’s really immoral?

Putting our national security at risk just to score cheap political points.

And opposing the efforts of the President of the United States to secure our borders because you didn’t like the outcome of the election.

Note from Tammy:

Excellent point from Shifra, reminding us of the main argument against the wall by Pelosi and the Democrats. They use the “immoral” argument” because they can’t win on the issue itself. We know historically and via the wall sections that already exist in our country, that they work. Along the sections that have a wall at our southern border, illegal traffic of all kinds– people trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, decreased by over 90%.

Are walls perfect? Of course not. Just like how having a lock on your door doesn’t guarantee bad guys won’t find a way in, we know not having a lock on your door is like having an open invitation for the the bad guys to come in. Bottom line– we have multiple crises happening in our country. Criminals, gang members and the drug cartels must be impeded. And those who want to come here legally and use the system properly have a right to be treated with expediency and respect. The only way to achieve all of this is to impede the illegal traffic at the border, and to streamline our existing immigration system.

Via Times of Israel.

Over four years after a team of Hamas commandos entered Israel from the sea during the Gaza war of 2014, Israeli engineers are nearing completion of a smart sea barrier meant to prevent future attacks, Channel 10 news reported Monday.

Construction of the 200-meter-long barrier was carried out by the Defense Ministry off the beach of Zikim, on Gaza’s northernmost border. Work took seven months.

The barrier is meant to close a gap in Israel’s defenses along the border with Gaza.

‘It Works’: Israeli Mayor Says Border Wall With Egypt Eliminated Illegal Immigration in 2 Years

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  1. Maynard says:

    Trump has gotten the Democrats to expose themselves as blatantly in opposition to border security. Until now, they (and the Republican good old boys) have mouthed words in favor of border security, and it just so happens that nothing got done. Now the Democrats have made it plain that it will never happen, both in Washington and in states where they hold power. I guess it’s good to see some political honesty for a change of pace, although for some weird reason this suicidal stance doesn’t seem to be driving voters away like it would in a sane world.

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