Great start, Nancy!

Get the popcorn out, everyone, it’s going to be an interesting two years with these Democrat clowns, er, cast of characters.

Note from Tammy:

While this is an issue for Democrats and whether their leadership is up to the task of helping the govern this nation, we should all be concerned when this becomes the standard of leadership for anyone in Congress. Pelosi was re-elected speaker because she’s the only one who raises a lot of money for congressional Democrats. Paul Ryan was in exactly the same position. He was Speaker because of his fundraising ability, not his commitment to helping get this nation back on her feet.

Democrats are going to be reminded in the next two years, as Republicans have already found out, that the system as it exists is not focused on doing what’s best for the country; they’re focused on themselves.

Via American Mirror.

At the conclusion of her first speech to Congress after becoming House Speaker again, Nancy Pelosi realized she “skipped a couple pages” of her remarks….

“Guided by the vision and values of our Founders, the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform,” she continued, “and the aspirations that we have for our children, let us meet that responsibility with wisdom, with courage, and with grace.”….

Then she announced to herself, “I think I skipped a couple pages. I’m not sure,” on a hot mic….

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  1. Chuck says:

    Nan Cynile Pelosi … or after effects of too many mai-tais … It’s going to be an amusing next 2 years.

  2. Alain41 says:

    With Kevin McCarthy, Republicans have no speaking advantage, unfortunately. And McConnell is worse.

  3. Pat_S says:

    I wish she’d skip the next couple of years.

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