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Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony to a Senate committee yesterday that he suspects the Trump campaign was spied on ahead of the 2016 election has triggered Dems like Chuck Schumer and many others. Barr’s comments sparked an old Barack Obama tweet to start making the rounds again:….

And that caught the eye of Donald Trump Jr.:

Democrats furious over Barr’s ‘spying’ comments

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  1. TigerAim says:

    Ooh – Good one! That might leave a mark!

  2. Maynard says:

    I remember, back during the campaign or a bit later, Trump had said something about being spied on by Obama’s people, and it sounded a bit kooky at the time. I was thinking that things like that shouldn’t be said unless you really had evidence; otherwise you look like a jackass, as happened with (in Trump’s quaint phrase) “little Adam Schitt”. But the allegation of spying on Trump is seeming less and less like a paranoid right-wing fantasy and more and more like a thoroughly corrupted spying agency. Rather weirdly, I’m remembering the 1960’s when the left wing hated and feared the FBI, and Hoover was keeping a close eye on people like Martin Luther King. And now everyone’s changed places, and the left wing is praising the integrity of the FBI and denigrating the patriotism of anyone who expresses concern about its political activism. Strange days indeed.

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