Did Pelosi just call Biden a dummy for not knowing it might be offensive to smell someone’s hair, er, invade another person’s space?

This seems to be her default position whenever a fellow Dem “steps in it.”

Remember how Ilhan Omar Did Not “Understand The Full Weight Of The Words She Used” after spewing her Jew-hating rhetoric.

But, as Tammy notes in her latest Washington Times column — The return of a familiar hypocrisy among Democrats as they defend Biden:

Why is the party that fashions itself as the defender of all women from bad, bad men, divided about how to respond to the aptly nicknamed “Creepy Uncle Joe”? Because they stand not for what’s right, but what’s convenient. Today’s liberal establishment is one of opportunism and grifting. Don’t get me wrong — people do matter to Democratic Party leadership — as fodder in their various issue cannons.

Via American Mirror.

In 2019, a 79-year-old politician is telling a 76-year-old man who’s been in national politics for 47 years how he should behave around women.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about allegations again former Vice President Joe Biden, and she had some stern advice: Keep your distance….

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  1. Maynard says:

    For what it’s worth, I remember the way Obama kept touching Joe the Plumber in his famous exchange. This symbolically expresses what’s wrong with our politicians; they simply refuse to respect the space of those they serve.

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