I really don’t have my own opinion on Hillary’s latest excuse for losing in 2016.

I’ll have to ask my husband, or my boss, or my son…or something.

Via NY Post.

Hillary Clinton’s defenders will never stop making excuses for why she lost in 2016: It was Matt Lauer! It was James Comey! It was men being sexist! It was women being sexist! It was voter suppression! It was Citizens United! It was fake news! It was WikiLeaks! It was Facebook! It was the Russians!

Today, a new excuse: It was Jon Stewart!….

The latest in cutting-edge political science/flat-earth theory is that after Stewart quit hosting a comedy show for liberals, the advantage swung to Trump because Democrats forgot there was an election or something….

I suppose next week we’ll be hearing that Hillary lost because so many of her voters went to the movies on election night to catch “Boo! A Madea Halloween.”

How long will it take academia and the pundit class to learn that dropped objects fall to earth, water is wet and Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem was Hillary Clinton? She’s a horrible politician, as corrupt as a medieval warlord and as cuddly as a leprotic armadillo.

As Dennis Miller puts it in his special “Fake News, Real Jokes,” “They could have passed out a big sheet of paper that had two boxes on it, one that said ‘Hillary’ and one that said ‘not Hillary,’ and I was gonna put my X in the ‘not-Hillary’ box, OK?”

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  1. linmari says:

    How about blaming “the vast right wing conspiracy?”

    • Bajamama49 says:

      It was the phase of the moon! That’s as good as the rest of her excuses! How the mighty have fallen!

    • Shifra says:

      LOL! I think SpongeBob SquarePants is next on the blaming list; then Hillary will start “recycling” the old ones

      • Dalgon says:

        How about Black Magic? A coven of witches feared that President Hillary would give them too much competition so they cast a spell on her campaign. That’s why she kept falling. They put a voodoo doll in a dryer to disorient her.

  2. IndieGal4USA says:

    That basket of deplorables she snarled about contained a Trump card which she failed to see! Vision blocked by elitist gloom!

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