The intent of these “designers” is clear: They want to put themselves out there and make lots of money. And they do not care if their imagery evokes stomach-churning horror and disgust; anyone who knows anything about the Holocaust knows that Zyklon-B gas canisters were thrown into gas chambers with hundreds of victims at a time locked inside, choking to death in agony.

But I do hope that anyone who actually bought any of these items did so out of ignorance, not out of malicious intent.

Via Daily Mail.

A designer based in Selby, Yorkshire, has come under fire for selling Nazi products including Zyklon-B themed T-shirts and cups.

The sick products, themed after the gas which killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust, featured on the Internet site Redbubble, a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products, which has its headquarters in Melbourne and offices in Berlin and San Francisco….

Design firm ImperivmCloth marketed the products with the caption: ‘You too can look minty fresh with this beautiful Zyklon-B design’.

On the site, the designers describe themselves as: ‘Just a couple of guys, up to no good, starting to make trouble in your neighbourhood.’….

They add: ‘We’re pretty new, but we’ll have more and more designs popping up all the time, so keep an eye out, and thanks for checking us out!’

Zyklon B was originally developed as a cyanide-based pesticide in Germany in the early 1920s, but was later used during the Holocaust to murder around a million people in gas chambers.

The man that developed it, Bruno Tesch, was executed in 1946 for selling it to the SS knowing it was to be used on humans….

Redbubble sparked a similar scandal last month when Auschwitz themed miniskirts and pillows with photos of the train tracks leading to the former Nazi concentration camp as well as the chimneys of the Auschwitz ovens were put online….

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