These clowns, er, MSNBC Talking Heads, apparently have zero self-awareness. They “live and breathe” POTUS-bashing, 24/7. They can never get enough.

Well, there’s always tonight’s debate.

Fingers crossed, Trump-haters!

Via NewsBusters.

Awww, hopefully everyone at MSNBC leaves tonight with a comfort animal of their choice. In the first few minutes after the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday, panelists were livid that there wasn’t enough Trump bashing….

Former Democratic Senator-turned-MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill…pivoted to lament how she “was surprised how little there was a discussion of the mess in the White House right now.”

McCaskill doubled down, ruling that she “was shocked that more candidates didn’t tie their policies into the ineptitude, the chaos, the horrible things this President has done and it really was a little surprising to me because I think most Democrats, while they want to hear policy and they want to get to know these candidates, they also want to be reassured that we are united, that those candidates are united in terms of Donald Trump.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson agreed that “the absence of Trump in this discussion actually surprised me a lot” and, after Lyin’ Brian Williams interjected to state that it’s “almost” like “he who will not be mentioned,” Robinson made the Harry Potter comparison: “It was like Lord Voldemort. You know, you couldn’t say his name whereas for a lot of people in the country that is the main issue.”….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Possible that candidates were restrained because Trump is overseas doing Foreign Policy at the G20. Ha ha ha.. Whew, good one. I crack myself up.

    Really, like Dewey Beats Truman, the Dems are going for Screwy Beats Trump. Though Parties are reversed, Result will be similar (Trump wins).

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