Joe Biden thinks he can beat President Trump in 2020? C’mon man!

Via Daily Wire.

Biden seems caught in a time warp; a relic from decades ago now forced to endure the social-justice mob of the 21st Century. We certainly can’t feel bad for him, since he and the Obama administration helped foment the current outrage culture by encouraging and supporting campus radicals (or, at the very least, doing nothing to teach them civility and sanity).

Biden has always been running afoul of current political correctness, but until recently, he was never held accountable by the same left-wing media that finds racist “dog whistles” in nearly everything Republicans say.

But Biden is now receiving that treatment. Biden, who speaks in a down-to-earth manner, sometimes says “c’mon man” to emphasize a point about something he finds ridiculous….

Last week, New York Times opinion columnist Charles Blow took Biden to task for his “bro-iness,” writing that Biden used “a rhetorical device that men often use among themselves, in locker rooms and barbershops, to recognize, register and reinforce masculinity.”

Last Saturday, The Washington Post ran an entire article about Biden’s use of the phrase, claiming that it “can quickly signal dismissiveness, annoyance, sarcasm or a certain willingness to use words that seem gendered, none of which are sure winners for a candidate trying to attract voters.”….

Video via Free Beacon.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Not only do I remember Hillary saying that she liked the sound of Madam President but there was a fair amount of discussion re The First Man relative to Bill.
    And what is wrong about reinforcing Masculinity? The opposite is awful.

  2. Vintageport says:

    But but but if AOC says there is no gender in “patriarchy,” cannot the same be said in this utterance…?

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