Memo to Tom Steyer:

Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign cost a record $1.2B. And President Trump is on track to raise $2B.

But go ahead and spend your measly $100M. 🙂

Here is a less-than-stellar WSJ “endorsement” of Tom Steyer in a 2017 column:

….Who knows what goes on in the head of somebody like Mr. Steyer? He pays Democratic operatives to tell him what a great guy he is, and they take his money and spend it on Democratic politics as usual.

Mr. Steyer is the talking head in an open-collar shirt now seen in a $20 million petition campaign calling on Congress to impeach a cartoon version of Mr. Trump. The ads are running on the national news channels—and on California TV. Mr. Steyer keeps hinting he’s available to run for governor or Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat. In the feverish hothouse of California Democratic politics, maybe extreme anti-Trumpism really is his ticket. Or maybe he’s a Republican mole. Because if there’s one thing Democrats can do to assure Mr. Trump’s re-election, it’s to follow Mr. Steyer in painting Mr. Trump and his voters as crazy, racist and beyond the pale.

The most interesting moment in a New Yorker profile several years ago described Mr. Steyer’s lack of interest in the details of climate science or climate policy. His conspicuous failure to spark a groundswell of demand for himself as a candidate may be one thing. His and his movement’s astonishing incompetence on behalf of their ostensible cause is something else.

The alleged threat of climate change is now part of the consciousness of every human being on Earth. The virtues of a carbon tax are not in dispute. It’s a way to raise money that doesn’t weigh on incentives to work, save and invest. It obviates many corrupt and inefficient handouts to “green energy.” It survives even the recent downward scientific estimates of “climate sensitivity” and thus the severity of expected future climate change. Yet the natural constituents for such a tax have made themselves so non grata with their lies and slurs (equating opponents to Holocaust deniers) that they are not welcome at the table. More to the point: Their presence is not required at the table simply as a matter of vote counting.

Even Barack Obama reportedly was irritated by Mr. Steyer’s promotion of absurdly dishonest numbers for the alleged CO2 consequences of the Keystone pipeline….

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  1. MACVEL says:

    I could use that measly 100 Million …

  2. TigerAim says:

    Haha! Yes, I loved that “go ahead & spend your measly $100 million.” I do think I/we here could spend that money much more constructively, but oh well.

  3. Vintageport says:

    Huh! All it takes is a measly $100MM to go from being Mr. Impeachment to the next candidate to drop out of the race…who knew it would be so economical…? He might have used a small part of that on a good dentist. (I know, that was wrong.)

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