No word yet if husband Bruce Mann claimed Cherokee heritage to get that well-paying gig.

Via Breitbart.

As presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren travels the country promoting her “free college” plan, her husband earns $400,000 annually as a professor at Harvard University. According to one expert, “high and rising” salaries for administrators and professors is a leading cause of ballooning college tuition….

Warren Is Running On Reducing Student Debt; Her Textbook Costs $250

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  1. Maynard says:

    We pour more money into colleges and they spend more lavishly. That’s basic economics and basic human nature. We encourage stoopid kids to sign away their future earnings so colleges can get fat; then when the bill comes due these same bloated lunkheads who created the problem in the first place and profited mightily in their parasitical existences use the catastrophe as an excuse to pick the pocket of regular taxpayers. That’s the vicious circle we’re up against; the worse things get, the greater the demand for the very factors that are killing us. It’s like a drug addiction, and you need more and more of the good stuff to get high, but one day it kills you. But these elite masters of the universe in their air-conditioned ivory towers, they figure they’ll work the situation to their advantage. And anyone who says any of the foregoing aloud and in public must be some sort of Nazi racist selfish hatemonger who deserves to have his life ruined. Don’t get me started.

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